Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

milis ubuntu-distributed-devel

berikut petikan pers rilis milis ubuntu-distributed-devel, silahkan bergabung...

Last month we created a new mailing list related to Ubuntu development,
ubuntu-distributed-devel. This is the mailing list for discussing issues
related to the "Ubuntu Distributed Development" effort, making more use
of Bazaar and Launchpad to improve various things about our development

A new list was created, as the effort involves people from Ubuntu, Bazaar
and Launchpad, and cross-posting all discussions between the three lists
would not work well. We now have a single list to discuss issues that
involve changes to more than one of the groups. It does not mean that
things decided her will be thrust upon Ubuntu developers without
consultation however. While the details are thrashed out there, the
changes will be open to scrutiny from the larger Ubuntu developer
as any other proposal from a sub-team is.

You are invited to join the list and participate or lurk as you wish.
You can critique the proposals being made, or make your own. In addition
we would like to hear about deficiencies in our development process that
could be fixed through this effort.

Ubuntu development will always be on topic for ubuntu-devel, but we may
wish to move some discussions if they become uninteresting for the majority
of subscribers to ubuntu-devel. Otherwise we will just hold the
discussion on ubuntu-devel and put a pointer on ubuntu-distributed-devel
for the rest of the participants there to read.

Please head to


for more information on the list, and to subscribe, and then start
sending your thoughts.



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